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Osem is Inspiring Flavors in Family Kitchens
for Over 80 Years

We are proud to share eight decades of Israeli flavors, in our innovative work and in all the ways in
which we choose to have a positive impact on the environment and the community.


History – Osem’s Orgin and Milestones



Osem is Formed

Food Manufacturers Eugene Propper, Dr. Franz Klein, Yaakov Lorsch, Azriel Ville, Shimshon Wilmsdorf, Moshe Katzman and Eliyahu Harpak decide to establish a joint marketing body for three noodle factories in Eretz Israel ("Noodle", "Dagan" and "Essit"), to which they give the name "Osem", taken from the High Priest's prayer on Yom Kippur.



Opening of the Tel Aviv office

The first sales office is opened at 3 Ha-Electric Street in Tel Aviv. The building still exists today.



Israeli Couscous is Born

In the 1950s, then Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion turned to Eugene Propper, one of the founders of Osem, and asked him to find a substitute for the rice beloved by immigrants from the Eastern communities. This is how the flakes were born - baked wheat grains in the form of rice.



Invention of Soup Almonds

The soup almonds, one of the most beloved Israeli inventions were developed in the midst of the austerity period. The origin of the almonds is in the traditional recipes of Ashkenazi Jews, who used to eat with the soup in the tzakiyot called "mandlach". Therefore, the soup almonds were born and quickly became a delightful addition to soups.



Osem Consommé is Developed

Osem enters the soup industry by building a new wing in their Bnei Brak factory. The new wing is dedicated entirely to the production of soup powders. Over the years, soup products have become one of the leading foods of Osem.



Osem Starts Exporting Food Products to the United States and Abroad.

With a desire to offer kosher foods in Jewish communities around the world, Osem starts exporting food products abroad.



Bamba – The No. 1 Selling Peanut Butter Puffs Snack is Born

With a desire to offer kosher foods in Jewish communities around the world, Osem starts selling food products abroad.

Export Flags


Osem receives an award for Outstanding Exporter

Osem receives the Outstanding Exporter Award which is awarded by the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry. The award comes as Osem distributes and markets their products in several countries including USA, England, France, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark.

Cookies and Crackers


Osem Enters The Bakery Category

Osem enters a completely new field - bakery products. It imports new equipment, hires experts and begins developing more than 100 products including cookies, biscuits, bagels, salty sticks and crackers. Today, you can find many of the cookie and crackers items in the US. 

Bissli 1975


Osem Creates Bissli

In 1975, Osem released a variety of new innovative items including a crunchy and satisfying snack named Bissli. Today, Bissli has become a leading brand in the Osem Portfolio in both Israel and the United States.



Osem Acquires New Factory To Produce Pretzels

Osem acquires the "Twins" factory in Ramla for the production of pretzels and salty sticks. Today, Osem has a full portfolio of both regular and gluten free pretzels mainly produced in the Yokneam factory. 



Osem USA opens sales office within minutes of New York City.

Osem USA opens its new sales office in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey – only a short distance away of New York City.



Osem Becomes a Public Company

Osem issues an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of its shares and raises NIS 44M in equity capital from public investors. After its first decade of trading in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, it enters the list of the leading value producers with a yield of 126%.



Bamba is first sold in the United States

Osem USA starts offering Bamba, The Original Peanut Butter Puffs Snack throughout the United States. Today, Bamba snacks are found in most stores and major supermarkets in the U.S.



Osem Partners with Nestlé

Following Osem’s global initiative, we partner with the world's leading food conglomerate – Nestlé Switzerland. While our partnership with Nestlé opens the floodgates to deliver our food products at a more global scale, it more importantly sets new standards of food quality and excellence for our consumers.



Introducing Osem-Nestlé

Nestlé completes the merger with Osem in Israel, thereby turning Osem International Foods from a public to a private company. Nestlé becomes the sole shareholder of Osem International Foods. Osem in Israel is introduced as Osem-Nestlé.



Bamba Hits the General Market

In 2019, Israeli’s #1 snack was launched nationally in major supermarkets throughout the United States! Bamba continues to gain popularity and distribution in the US each year.